Soil Regeneration

Now that we’ve discussed eliminating buckthorn in Zones A and C, it’s time to talk about restoring and regenerating the soil. As we stated, buckthorn’s root system can change the composition of soil making it unhealthy. We wanted to give the soil a healthy kick start to get native plants growing again.

We decided to use a product named C20 to accomplish this task. This product improves the soil in a number of ways. It aerates the soil by decreasing soil compaction, as well as cultivates and activates microbial activity in the ground. It also helps restructure the soil allowing increased water retention and fine root production.

We applied C20 by broadcast spreading it onto the surface of soil, and then watering it in.

Our next blog discusses the application of various seed mixes to not only get things growing, but also to prevent soil erosion especially in areas with downhill grade changes.

“To be a successful farmer one must first know the nature of the soil.”


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