Buckthorn Removal

Removal and Treatment of Stumps

In order to create a healthy forest, we were faced with the decision to remove all the buckthorn in our wooded areas. This was a huge task as we needed to cut the buckthorn down to its base, remove the debris off-site and then treat the stumps to destroy the invasive root system.

Zone A: We removed the buckthorn in this area and treated the stumps with Wisconsin’s DNR’s suggestion, Tricolopyr. We applied this product via a backpack sprayer with a wand because it allowed us to deliver this product very specifically and directly to the surface of the remaining stump. Our goal was to apply this responsibly avoiding any contact with other plants.

Here are AFTER photos of Zone A. You can see that we cleared out a lot of the woods by cutting down the invasive plant.

Zone B: We have this area scheduled in late fall of 2020 for buckthorn removal. We marked the trees with white paint so we could identify them after their leaves have fallen.

If the weather holds, we plan to apply Triclopyr to these stumps as well.

Zone C: We’ve also cleared out the buckthorn in this zone and have treated the stumps with Triclopyr. The remaining trees are a healthy mix of native woodland trees.

In our next blog, we will discuss the steps we’re taking to regenerate the soil making it a fertile place for plant development.

“Not until I felt your sunshine, did I realize that I had been in the shade.”

Suzy Kassem
brown leaf trees on forest
Photo by Valiphotos on Pexels.com

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