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John and Christine Wollenziehn ~ Owners of Spring Gardens Landscaping & Horticultural Services, Inc

Why a Blog?

We started our family landscaping business over 20 years ago because we both share a love for nature. Growing up in Wisconsin, we have enjoyed the beauty of our parks, our cities and countryside, and the four seasons we get to experience each year. Throw in the opportunity to use our creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, and a business was born!

It’s no wonder that because we share the same business together, that we’d take great interest in our own yard. Living on three acres of land gave us an opportunity to do a lot with our property. Through the years, we’ve installed a fire pit, patio, walls, plants…but were pretty hands off with allowing our natural areas to grow.

This sparked an idea in us. What if we began to focus more closely on the natural areas in our yard? Much of our time had already been spent improving our formal landscape, but what about the woods that had been left to grow?

This is the purpose of this page and blog. We want to bring you along on our journey as we focus now on our woodland areas creating and expanding this ecosystem into a whole new natural habitat. We want to share what we’re learning and hope to inspire you to try some of the same things.

Thanks for stopping by!

“By discovering nature, you discover yourself.” ~ Maxime Lagace’

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Spring Gardens Landscaping & Horticultural Services, Inc

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