Lantern Walk thru the Woods

A winter wonderland!! 🕯❄️ Christmas is such a joy when viewed through a child’s eyes.

This Christmas Eve, we thought it would be fun to place lanterns along our trail and then enlist the grandkids to get the whole family outside to walk the path together as soon as it started to get dark.

To make things extra fun, we gave the grandkids multi-color filtered flashlights which they used to race up and down the path, illuminate their shoes to make them glow, and shine under their chins to make funny faces.

It was a hit and we hope to make a candlelit walk a tradition. 🌙

The trail at dusk.
We added some extra fun by providing flashlights that filtered different colors.

“Play is not a break from learning. It is endless, delightful, deep, engaging, practical learning. It’s the doorway into the child’s heart!”

Vince Gowmon

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