Forest Fun

Part of the fun we’re having creating our woods is to make it a place to explore for our grandchildren. While we have paths for nature walks, where we spot deer tracks and bird feathers, we thought it would be fun to add some magic to the woods as well.

We turned to BCW Creations to build a gnome roof for us to cover one of the stumps we left in the woods for this purpose. They also hand carved some silly faces for a few of our trees. We hope you check out their work on their Facebook page – – Here you will find many of the projects they’ve created per customer requests.

We hope to get them started on a woodland bridge in spring!

“Follow me into the enchanted forest ~ Where fairies dance ~ And trees talk ~ Dragons fly ~ Follow me into the enchanted ~ Oh so magical ~ Lovely it is ~ Lullabies are heard ~ Oh so grand ~ What wonders you can see”

Star Child

Here are the tree faces they created for us.

In addition to some of these fun things for the kids now, we are also planning in summer of 2021 to add a sensory and butterfly garden as well as dabble in bee keeping.

woman holding a yellow string light
Photo by Ruvim on

“Fireflies are special messengers that whisper in darkness: Don’t lose hope because magic does exist.”

Princess Sassy Pants & Co

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